Tools for Formative Assessment

There are many great tools out there to use to test your students on the material that you have covered in class. I like using Kahoot. Kahoot is a quiz game that the students can use mobile technology to play the game. The teacher will find a game that goes along with the topic that is being taught and ask the student to enter the PIN to enter the game. Once everyone is in, the teacher will start and the students will try and guess the right answer and the quicker the answer the question, the more points the student will receive. At the end of all the questions, it will tell us who had the most points. I will ask the students if there were some questions that they found difficult that I may need to go over again to make sure that they gain full understanding.


Flipping the Classroom

Flipping a classroom may be tricky when working with 1st or 2nd grade students. They may not have the proper technology to be able to work with a flipped classroom idea. One thing that you can do to flip a classroom is to post videos online of what you are going to teach that day and have they students watch them videos at home and learn the material on their own. The next day, ask the students if they have any questions on what they watched at home and answer questions if there are any. If you noticed that the students are struggling with watching the videos at home, try using the application called Tackk. It is an easy to use interface where you can post pictures for the students to discuss what they see. When you post a picture, there is an automatic comment box that appears with the picture.

Meet my Friend, Morgan Mahnesmith

With going through college, you meet some new people in your classes and you later become friends when you have more classes with them. Morgan Mahnesmith is a fellow classmate that I have had a couple of classes with her over the past two semesters. I am going to had it over to her now to introduce herself and tell us a little bit about herself.

Hi, my name is Morgan Mahnesmith and I am an Elementary and Middle Level Education major at University of Wisconsin-Platteville.  I started at Platteville in September of 2013 as an Ag-Business major.  I never realized how much I wanted to be a Teacher until I was doing something that I really did not like.

The School of Education here at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has provided me with so many opportunities to engage in the community and get hands on experience.  I am so grateful that I chose to be a part of something this wonderful and I really feel like I have found my home here at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Technology That Helps

The SAMR model is something that will be incorporated into my classroom with the use of technology. There are many levels of the SAMR model and using baby steps to get technology migrated into the classroom will be key. Taking things one step at a time won’t confuse your students but there may be times that you need to push on and maybe take two steps in one day. There are so many ways to incorporate technology into the classroom, one would be using Smartboards and having the students come up and work on them during a lesson. Knowing the steps of the SAMR model, it will help me work technology into the classroom.

Thinking that hurts!

Over the course of this semester in school, there has been a lot of thinking and learning that has been done. If it be from my math class to my creative development class, there has been a time that my brain started to hurt from over thinking. During math, we are going over a lot of stuff in a short period of time and knowing that I have so much to do for that class makes my brain hurt and not always remember what I need to do. There are times that I forget how to do simple math and it truly frustrates me. After taking a step back and taking a break from doing my math, I understand what I need to do and take charge and get it done in a timely manner.

Project to Include

picture for blogging challenge

With the idea of including all your students into a bigger project may be tough to do but with something like this picture, all the students can work together to make a bigger picture. Everyone has their own style of drawing and coloring so things may not match up exactly the same but that’s alright. Just letting the students express themselves with their artwork is great. You will have the students who are true artists but then you have some that may struggle which is okay as well. Not everyone will be a master artist. A way to have things line up so you get the bigger picture to line up correctly is to draw out the individual squares ahead of time and then cut them into small squares. Assigning a square to a student to work on is an idea but let them decide what square they want.

Technology within the Classroom

Technology is something that we are all needing to learn how to use and become aware of when it comes to the classroom. Technology is taking over our modern-day students. One form of technology that I would like to use within my classroom is a smart/Promethean board. I need to learn how to use this technology in the next couple semesters of school that I have left so when I get one in my classroom, I know how to use it. Being able to know how to use this type of technology with help teach the students because they will be able to come up to the board and write their answers and then check them with the program that you are using. There are so many features with the smart/Promethean boards that not everyone will know all the in’s and out’s of them. Using technology, you always tend to find simpler and quicker ways to do things.

My Goals

My goals for this semester with starting my blog is to try to get myself out there. People will hopefully like what I post and follow me. I am going to try to post a couple of times a week. Keeping people up to date on what I am working on is important. It will definitely be hard to get started with doing this but once I get an idea of what I want my blog to look like, I’m sure I will be able to nail it right on the head. I plan on using my blog to help me out later and see if I can find other people who are going into the same field as me or already out in the field teaching. Seeing what other teachers are doing may help spark something that I could do but I would change it to accommodate my classroom.

Take a step back into the past

Today, I took a step back into the past when I was looking for blogs. I saw a bunch of creative art work that 2nd grade students have done and it has reminded me of when I was in 2nd grade. Seeing those art projects, it’s making me want to be creative and make art projects of my own. With me wanting to teach 2nd grade, it is a good idea to work on making art projects a head of time to have examples when it comes time to teach the lesson going along with that project. Doesn’t everyone wish they could go back to their elementary school years to make art projects everyday? I know I sure do!